Breakfast Specials

Each of the following is served with refried beans and your choice of flour (2) or corn (3) tortillas.


Breakfast SpecialsDescriptionPrice
B-8 Green Chile Omelet with HamA 3 egg omelet with green chile, cheese and diced ham$8.49
B-7 Omelette con JamonA 3 egg omelette with cheese and your choice of ham bacon or sausage. $8.39
B-4 Machaca con Huevos3 Scrambled eggs with seasoned, shredded beef$8.79
B-5 Huevos Mexicanos3 Scrambled eggs with green chile salsa$7.39
B-3 Chorizo con Huevos3 Scrambled eggs with spicy mexican sausage$7.89
B-1 Huevos Rancheros3 Eggs any style on a corn tortilla covered in ranchero sauce$7.49
B-2 Tres Huevos3 Eggs any style$4.99
B-9 Carne Asada Con HuevosCharbroiled steak and 3 eggs any style, served with refried beans and flour (2) or corn (2) tortillas$9.99
B-10 Jamon Con HuevosCharboiled ham and 3 eggs served with refried beans and flour (2) or corn (2) tortillas$8.55
S-4 Machaca Burrito Special2 burritos filled with scrambled eggs and seasoned, shredded beef and covered with ranchero sauce
and cheese; served with refried beans
J-1 Chile con Carne OmeletteA 3 egg omelette filled with cheese and covered with chile con carne$8.99
A-4 Three Eggs with Sausage or BaconThree eggs any style served with 3 pieces of sausage or bacon, beans,
and your choice of hashbrowns and toast OR 2 hotcakes.