From The Charbroiler

From The CharbroilerDescriptionPrice
Carne asada/pollo asadoMarinated and charbroiled steak or boneless chicken; served
With refried beans, spanish rice, guacamole and corn (3) or
Flour (2) tortillas
Carne asada / pollo asado enchiladasTwo enchiladas stuffed with charbroiled steak or chicken;
Served with refried beans, spanish rice and guacamole
Carne asada burritosTwo flour tortillas stuffed with charbroiled steak, topped with
Lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and guacamole; served with refried
Beans and spanish rice
Steak sandwichOpen face sandwich with charbroiled steak, lettuce and tomato;
Served with french fries or refried beans
Carna asada/pollo asado tacosTwo soft corn tortillas filled with charbroiled steak or chicken
And guacamole; served with refried beans and spanish rice
T-bone steakCharbroiled t-bone steak; served with small salad, refried beans,
Spanish rice and corn (3) or flour (2) tortillas