Jalisco Specialties

JALISCO SpecialtiesDescriptionPrice
0-1 ENCHILADAS SUIZASTwo corn tortillas filled with shredded chicken and jack cheese,
Covered in tomatillo sauce and topped with sour cream
O-2 TWO FISH TACOSSoft corn tortillas filled with a piece of lightly breaded and fried
Fish fillet – topped with shredded cabbage and our special yogurtsalsa
O-3 CHILE CON CARNETender chunks of beef in a delicious red chile sauce, served with
Corn (3) or flour (2) tortillas
O-4 PORK TIPS IN GREEN CHILE SAUCETender chunks of pork in a mild sauce made with green
Tomatoes, green peppers and onions; served with corn (3) or
Flour (2) tortillas
O-5 STEAK OR CHICKEN FAJITASCharbroiled strips of steak or chicken cooked with green peppers,
Onions, tomatoes and jalapeños with corn (3) or flour (2) tortillas
O-7 CARNITASSpecially prepared pork chunks, served with guacamole and corn
(3) or flour (2) tortillas
O-8 CHICKEN ENCHILADAS IN MOLE SAUCETwo corn tortillas filled with shredded chicken covered in
Traditional mole sauce, topped wth cheese, sesame seeds
And sour cream